~ Business Suppliers List ~
Why Social Media?
There are MORE than 200 Social Networking sites
Yellow Book Merchant Circle Yelp LinkedIn Angie's List Yahoo Local Facebook
and MORE than 5.5 BILLION Social Networking users!
~ Current List of "Major" Social Networking Sites ~

Speaking of suppliers, here are a few options for Facebook materials
~ Facebook Suppliers List ~
While generic suppliers are okay, personalized is your BEST option
to join BOTH your company name, logo and "look" with your message!


Example # 1 -- Post Card:
Centsible Heating & Air Conditioning In Griffith, Indiana :: Furnaces, Water Heaters & Generators
Example # 2 -- Business Card:
Baroda Tap and Grille in Baroda, Michigan
Example # 3 -- Business Card:
Originator Sport Fishing Charters :: Charter Fish in Southwest Michigan
Example # 4 -- Business Card:
Baroda Tap and Grille in Baroda, Michigan

Marketing Suggestions & Recommendations:
  1. Post once a week (at a minimum)
  2. ALWAYS try to help your readers -- Example
  3. Encourage reader interaction -- Example
    Don't Astroturf! -- Fake reviews, especially those for which are
    paid should be avoided. TIP: Never pay for a review, and certainly
    not BEFORE or to GAIN a positive review. Instead, offer a THANKS
    for ANY and all reviews -- Good or Bad, doing so after the fact and
    ONLY for those who have actually utilized your Goods/Services.
  4. Include website address in all posts -- #1  #2
  5. Maintain BOTH a Business & Personal Facebook Account
  6. Tie Business Site in with Facebook Bus. Acct. -- #1  #2  #3  #4  #5  #6  #7
    Like Button Configurator
  7. Use your Personal Account to "Like" your Business Account
  8. Use BOTH Accounts to "Like" all positive posts by others
  9. Encourage positive reader posts -- Example
Facebook Email Warnings:
Be careful what emails you follow! These are attempts to steal your identity!

# 1      # 2
LinkedIn Email Warnings:
Be careful what emails you follow! These are attempts to steal your identity!

# 1

Pinning & Tweets:
Many of the same Marketing Suggestions & Recommendations noted above
are principles that apply across the board, to all aspects of public relations.

With Google+ ... you'll see these principles with their helpful tips page:

Google+ for Business


Four Ways Google+ Can Help You Land a Job

With Pinterest ... Pinning ... these principles again are seen with their helpful tips page:

Pinterest for Business


With Twitter ... Tweets ... many of the same principles on their helpful tips page:

Twitter for Business


Twitter Tweets ... Pointless babble?

For More Information:
Facebook Tips & Assistance:

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