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"Tis true; there's magic in the web of it."
Othello (III.iv.69) William Shakespeare
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"The website is working great and just landed a new client wanting us to service 3,200 water heaters! We're also receiving numerous calls for estimates."

Servicing Professionals


"We so appreciate the great job that was done. What a nice change from our old site! Thank you!"

Coloma Chamber of Commerce


"The Web Page has been great! We are crazy busy with work and a lot of that is because of the web site."

Keegstra Construction


"Very nice! Really like it!"

Drier's Meat Market


"Oh my gosh, it's beautiful! I love it!  Great job.  Thank you so so much, I really appreciate all your hard work, and time!"



"I can't tell you how many 'inquiry forms' we get all the time! Just got TWO more today! This has been an amazing year. The site has been a big help, and brings people right to us vs. calling, and playing phone tag."

Gustafson Pools


"When we began putting the website together I had no idea that it would turn out so great, let alone the response we would get!"

Limberlost Nursery


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Facebook & Social Media Help
Facebook &
Social Media Help

With more than 200 Social Media websites, such as Facebook, along with more than 5.5 BILLION users, Social Media can truly help your business!

Facebook & Social Media Help

Advertise in
SW Michigan

Promote your business while at the same time reducing your operating expenses!  Join the fastest growing website dedicated to Southwest Michigan.  Cost: As little as $85.00/year.

SW Michigan Directory

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Increasing your visitors is key to your on-line success.  After all, without visitors, what's the point?  Cost: FREE

Website Traffic Tips

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Web Design Services

Everyday, companies large and small are discovering just how effective -- yet inexpensive, a website can be to market and promote their products.  In many cases, companies are pulling other forms of advertising to focus 100% on the Internet.  Why?  It is the ability to reach literally millions of people in a matter of minutes for a fraction of the costs associated with Newspaper, Radio, Television, or Mail.

 Ask about our Website Hosting & Email Services ... pricing starts at FREE! 

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express

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Sites with a Red Triangle ▲ ... have both a Standard & Mobile Version!
Michigan QuietKat

 Stevensville Family Dentistry

Baroda Founders Wine Cellar
Our design / Client maintained
From Accommodations to Yacht Clubs :: The Southwest Michigan Directory
Israelite House of David: One of America's Most Famous Communal Societies  G.A.L. Gage Company

 Dustin's Dream Fishing Charters

 Quiz-Time Systems

 All Seasons Heating & Cooling

North Shore Manufacturing Corp
Our design / Client maintained
North Shore Manufacturing Corp, Zinc & Aluminum Die Casting
Come Sail Away Sailing Charters :: Sailing from Southwest Michigan  Drier's Meat Market

 SeaCrete Fishing Charters

Carson Wood Specialties
Our design / Client maintained
Butterfly Bungalow Cottage Rental

 Beeches Golf Club

Keegstra Construction
Our design / Client maintained
Golf in Southwest Michigan / Northwest Indiana :: Michiana Golf
Mary's City of David: Israelite House of David McCormick Manor

 Originator Sport Fishing Charters

Our design / Client maintained
Hamadanchi Chiropractic Clinic

 Beaudoin Electrical Construction

Keeping the Lakes Great
Our design / Client maintained
Drier's Meat Market, Three Oaks, MI
McCormick Manor and Hunting Lodge :: Your Retreat From Everyday! Baroda Tap and Grille
Our design / Client maintained

Postelli & Postelli, PLC

Grandpa's Cider Mill
Our design / Client maintained
Hampshire Country Club

Mary's City Of David

Lehman's Orchard LLC
Our design / Client maintained
Grandpa's Cider Mill :: Watch apple cider being made right before your eyes!
G.A.L. Gage Company :: Alignment, Measurings & Weld Measuring Gauges The SW Michigan Store

M & M Die Cast, Inc.

Kalin Construction Company
Our design / Client maintained
Israelite House of David

Cheshire Hills Golf Course

Jollay Orchards
Our design / Client maintained
Shoreline Referrals :: Catch a wave of New Business
A Saab Story - A site design for selling a privately owned vehicle Janka Financial Group, Inc

Independent Copier Service

Pineapple Press Patterns
Our design / Client maintained
Gustafson Pools

Barrett & Driscoll Pediatrics
A Pre-Designed website example

GateWay Services
Our design / Client maintained
Michigan QuietKat :: Portable Electric All-Terrain Vehicles
Beeches Golf Club - South Haven, Michigan :: Southwest Michigan Golf Course Southwest Michigan Directory

Friendly Real Estate Appraiser

A Saab Story
A site design for selling a
privately owned vehicle.

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Whether building a new website or adding to an existing website, you can always add other Options and Extras.

Website Updates

Extra graphics

Extra text

Extra links
$55 / hour*

(*) Updates can easily vary from 1 hour to many, depending on the needed changes.

For example, we have a client that will email updates to us several times each month. One such update consisted of 360 words of new text, 18 new photos (all of which required color correction, resizing, focusing, and streamlining for web), and 3 new web pages. The total time required for this particular update was 2 hours.

Ready to Order?Return to Top of Page


Ready to order? It is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

#1  Select the photo(s) and text that you wish to include in your site.

If scanning your own photos, use 72 - 100 dpi resolution.  Next, type the text that will be included in your site.  Also, tell us what "Hyper Links" you want (links to other pages within your site or to other web sites elsewhere on the Internet).

#2  Sketch how you would like your website to look.

Don't worry about the quality of your sketch - this step is just to give us an idea where to place all the pieces.  Another option is to give us a few website links where you found style elements that you'd like incorporated into your website.

#3  E-mail or mail your materials to us for review.

We will require a 50% downpayment prior to beginning your site -- US funds only.  For a "Custom Designed" Website, please refer to our pricing formula (below) to calculate a "rough" cost for creating your site.

Between the design & coding time involved to create a website, we have found the following formula for estimation to be fairly* accurate:

(#) Number of photos or graphics:__________
(#) Number of text paragraphs:__________
(+) Add these figures together:__________
(x) Multiply the total by $9.17:__________

(*) Please Note: If you are able to provide your materials
to us electronically, the above estimation total is likely to
be higher than the actual cost for which we'll invoice.

This dollar amount will serve as an estimation of costs.  Please, keep in mind that various issues can increase, or reduce costs.  For example, if images require resizing or "streamlining" for web usage or the text requires numerous formatting elements, then the cost might be higher.  However, if your materials are provided electronically and do not require such streamlining or formatting, then the costs might be significantly less.

Unlike many web designers offering "package" pricing, we charge a simple hourly rate of $55/hr. If your project requires just an hour, that's all you pay ... you are never forced to buy a "package."

As with any package price, padding is always added to cover the unknown.  If there are no surprises, then more is earned, literally, at the client's expense.  If there is a surprise, or two, in excess of this padding, then the company will typically revert to their standard hourly rate of $100+ per hour ... this doesn't help the client and, again, is at the client's expense.

Send your materials along with your check or money order to:

PO Box 465 - Order Processing
St. Joseph, Michigan 49085-0465, USA


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